Muslims believe Rajab is the month in which ‘Alī ibn Abī Tālib, the fourth Caliph of Sunni Muslims, was born.

Rajab is also the month during which Isra’ Mi’raj (journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and then through the 7 Heavens) of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, took place.

The word “Rajab” came from “rajūb (رجوب)”, the sense of veneration or glorification, and Rajab was also formerly called “Mudhar” because the tribe of Mudhar did not change it but rather expected in its time other than the rest of the Arabs, who changed and altered in the months according to the state of war.

The name of Rajab literally means respected, regarded, and admired. It seems that the word is originally a Semitic one. There are two important events during the month, namely the birthday of Ali ibn Abi Talib and Muhammad’s first revelation in Shia tradition. Also, during Rajab, war is forbidden. There are other names for the month, such as Rajab Al-Morrajjab, Rajab Al-Asab and Rajab Sharif.

For Shia[edit]

The Shi’a believe that there are many virtues of the month. According to some narrations, the month belongs to Ali while Shaban is for MuhammadMusa al-Kadhim (the seventh Imam of the Shia) has narrated that the Rajab is like a river in heaven which is whiter and sweeter than honey.