Hazrat Abu-Talib

Today, Islam is a worldwide religion with more than a billion followers. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went through many hardships in spreading God’s word and establishing Islam to the religion it is today. Among those who supported Prophet Muhammad in his mission, there is one outstanding character who has been overlooked in history. This character is none other than Abu-Talib, the Prophet’s beloved uncle who raised, protected, and supported the Prophet at every step of the way. Without Abu-Talib’s contributions, the Prophet’s life and mission would have been greatly endangered. Muslims are indebted to Abu-Talib for 42 years of continuous support and protection of the Prophet. This book covers the significance of Abu-Talib’s role in supporting and protecting the life and mission of the Prophet and also responds to the rumors intended to damage his holy character.

Hazrat Abu-Talib (A.S)
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