Imam Hossein (AS) knew that he only had two choices, either pay allegiance to Yazid, or be killed. The Imam had said, “Even if I hide inside a hole, they will finally find me and kill me if I don’t pay allegiance.” However, the Imam knew that his allegiance would legitimize Yazid as a leader, as well as the Islam propagated by Muawiyah and the Umayyads. Therefore, the Imam pursued the second choice, and sacrificed everything he had for the sake of God and the awakening of the Prophet’s nation. He was martyred in an unprecedented, horrifying, and brutal way, where his family and companions were martyred thirsty, his six month old baby slayed, his head slaughtered, his belongings looted, his ring finger cut off, his body trampled, his family imprisoned, all in the holy month of Muharram, when war and bloodshed was strictly forbidden (Haram) in Islam.