The Imamat of Imam Mahdi (AS) began with the Minor Occultation, which lasted about 69 years. During this long period, four Shia scholars were the points of contact between the Imam and the Shias. With the end of the Minor Occultation, the Major Occultation of Imam Mahdi began, and has continued until today. During the Major Occultation, the Imam is living behind covers and the Shias cannot directly access him or communicate with him. The Imam reaches out to the people, particularly the Shia scholars and the followers, directly or indirectly to guide them on their affairs and problems. It is mentioned that the Imam is like the sun behind the clouds, which means that, though we cannot see the Imam directly, we are still receiving the blessings of his presence. The Imam will be in the Major Occultation until a time that is only known by God. Upon God’s Will, Imam Mahdi will reappear to fill the earth with justice and bring forth the peak of humanity and prosperity on earth.