The Imamat of Imam Baqir (AS) was at the beginning of the second Islamic century. After a long political unrest that occurred following the tragedy of Karbala, power was finally stable in Banu Marwan’s family, who were from the Umayyads. At that time, the Islamic society was under the influence of various false theological beliefs, and each one had its own set of followers. Islamic scholars had different opinions on Islamic laws and beliefs due to their different interpretations of the Quran and the Prophet’s teachings. Imam Baqir, in almost 20 years of his Imamat, split open the doors of Islamic knowledge and sciences from their divine source for the Muslims who were eager to learn. The Imam provided the Muslims with authentic narrations from his forefathers and the Holy Prophet. He familiarized them with the correct interpretation of the Holy Quran and challenged the false beliefs that had spread through Islamic society. The Imam used every opportunity to connect the Muslims with true Islamic teachings, and revitalized them in the society. Imam Baqir was surrounded by crowds of people who were interested to know more about the true Islam. He created an Islamic university in Medina, where many students from all over the Islamic territory attended.